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  • Swearing in of Members of the Commons

  • 09:33:58

    Swearing in of Members of the Commons

  • 09:34:33

    Rt Hon Ann Clwyd MP (Cynon Valley, Labour)

  • 09:35:29

    Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP (North Somerset, Conservative)

  • 09:35:52

    Mr Nigel Evans MP (Ribble Valley, Conservative)

  • 09:36:10

    Kevin Brennan MP (Cardiff West, Labour)

  • 09:37:02

    Chris Ruane MP (Vale of Clwyd, Labour)

  • 09:37:39

    Stephen Hammond MP (Wimbledon, Conservative)

  • 09:38:02

    Clive Lewis MP (Norwich South, Labour)

  • 09:38:18

    Tan Dhesi MP (Slough, Labour)

  • 09:38:53

    Afzal Khan MP (Manchester, Gorton, Labour)

  • 09:39:30

    Luke Pollard MP (Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport, Labour (Co-op))

  • 09:40:02

    Tracy Brabin MP (Batley and Spen, Labour (Co-op))

  • 09:40:38

    Alex Norris MP (Nottingham North, Labour (Co-op))

  • 09:41:00

    Richard Harrington MP (Watford, Conservative)

  • 09:41:26

    Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP (Leeds Central, Labour)

  • 09:41:53

    Alister Jack MP (Dumfries and Galloway, Conservative)

  • 09:42:23

    Kirstene Hair MP (Angus, Conservative)

  • 09:42:53

    Andrew Bowie MP (West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, Conservative)

  • 09:43:17


    Bill Grant MP (Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock, Conservative)

  • 09:43:53

    Colin Clark MP (Gordon, Conservative)

  • 09:44:17

    Paul Masterton MP (East Renfrewshire, Conservative)

  • 09:44:42

    Mr Christopher Chope MP (Christchurch, Conservative)

  • 09:45:12

    Jeremy Lefroy MP (Stafford, Conservative)

  • 09:45:33

    Eleanor Smith MP (Wolverhampton South West, Labour)

  • 09:46:34

    Marsha De Cordova MP (Battersea, Labour)

  • 09:47:08

    Matt Western MP (Warwick and Leamington, Labour)

  • 09:47:49

    Wera Hobhouse MP (Bath, Liberal Democrat)

  • 09:48:22

    Joanne Platt MP (Leigh, Labour (Co-op))

  • 09:48:51

    Tonia Antoniazzi MP (Gower, Labour)

  • 09:49:37

    Stephen Lloyd MP (Eastbourne, Liberal Democrat)

  • 09:50:10

    Jamie Stone MP (Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, Liberal Democrat)

  • 09:50:41

    Penny Mordaunt MP (Portsmouth North, Conservative)

  • 09:51:17

    Laura Smith MP (Crewe and Nantwich, Labour)

  • 09:51:45

    Mike Amesbury MP (Weaver Vale, Labour)

  • 09:52:17

    Christine Jardine MP (Edinburgh West, Liberal Democrat)

  • 09:52:54

    David Linden MP (Glasgow East, Scottish National Party)

  • 09:54:05

    Liz Saville Roberts MP (Dwyfor Meirionnydd, Plaid Cymru)

  • 09:54:27

    Hywel Williams MP (Arfon, Plaid Cymru)

  • 09:55:03

    Ben Lake MP (Ceredigion, Plaid Cymru)

  • 09:55:47

    Jonathan Edwards MP (Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, Plaid Cymru)

  • 09:56:23

    Sandy Martin MP (Ipswich, Labour)

  • 09:56:50

    Anneliese Dodds MP (Oxford East, Labour (Co-op))

  • 09:57:16

    Mohammad Yasin MP (Bedford, Labour)

  • 09:57:42

    Alex Sobel MP (Leeds North West, Labour (Co-op))

  • 09:58:03

    Emma Hardy MP (Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle, Labour)

  • 09:58:29

    Thelma Walker MP (Colne Valley, Labour)

  • 09:58:58

    Paul Girvan MP (South Antrim, Democratic Unionist Party)

  • 09:59:38

    Rt Hon Mark Field MP (Cities of London and Westminster, Conservative)

  • 10:00:00

    Rishi Sunak MP (Richmond (Yorks), Conservative)

  • 10:00:28

    Mr Ranil Jayawardena MP (North East Hampshire, Conservative)

  • 10:00:49

    Mr Marcus Jones MP (Nuneaton, Conservative)

  • 10:01:15

    Stephen Metcalfe MP (South Basildon and East Thurrock, Conservative)

  • 10:01:41

    Mr Barry Sheerman MP (Huddersfield, Labour (Co-op))

  • 10:02:12

    Darren Jones MP (Bristol North West, Labour)

  • 10:02:40

    Helen Hayes MP (Dulwich and West Norwood, Labour)

  • 10:03:05

    George Hollingbery MP (Meon Valley, Conservative)

  • 10:03:23

    Victoria Atkins MP (Louth and Horncastle, Conservative)

  • 10:04:01

    John Glen MP (Salisbury, Conservative)

  • 10:04:18

    Rosie Cooper MP (West Lancashire, Labour)

  • 10:04:58

    Mike Hill MP (Hartlepool, Labour)

  • 10:06:01

    Nigel Adams MP (Selby and Ainsty, Conservative)

  • 10:06:20

    John Lamont MP (Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk, Conservative)

  • 10:06:47

    Douglas Ross MP (Moray, Conservative)

  • 10:08:12

    Luke Graham MP (Ochil and South Perthshire, Conservative)

  • 10:08:32

    Stephen Kerr MP (Stirling, Conservative)

  • 10:09:04

    Ross Thomson MP (Aberdeen South, Conservative)

  • 10:10:00

    David Duguid MP (Banff and Buchan, Conservative)

  • 10:10:57

    Alec Shelbrooke MP (Elmet and Rothwell, Conservative)

  • 10:11:05

    David Warburton MP (Somerton and Frome, Conservative)

  • 10:11:27

    Rt Hon Sir Nicholas Soames MP (Mid Sussex, Conservative)

  • 10:11:48

    Julian Knight MP (Solihull, Conservative)

  • 10:12:23

    Stephen McPartland MP (Stevenage, Conservative)

  • 10:13:21

    Stephen Barclay MP (North East Cambridgeshire, Conservative)

  • 10:13:47

    Mark Pritchard MP (The Wrekin, Conservative)

  • 10:14:18

    Bambos Charalambous MP (Enfield, Southgate, Labour)

  • 10:14:43

    Helen Goodman MP (Bishop Auckland, Labour)

  • 10:15:13

    Ruth George MP (High Peak, Labour)

  • 10:16:32

    Liz McInnes MP (Heywood and Middleton, Labour)

  • 10:16:59

    Tom Tugendhat MP (Tonbridge and Malling, Conservative)

  • 10:17:28

    Royston Smith MP (Southampton, Itchen, Conservative)

  • 10:17:56

    Justin Madders MP (Ellesmere Port and Neston, Labour)

  • 10:18:32

    Mr Sam Gyimah MP (East Surrey, Conservative)

  • 10:19:37

    Matthew Pennycook MP (Greenwich and Woolwich, Labour)

  • 10:20:17

    Oliver Dowden MP (Hertsmere, Conservative)

  • 10:20:44

    Luke Hall MP (Thornbury and Yate, Conservative)

  • 10:22:50

    Andrea Jenkyns MP (Morley and Outwood, Conservative)

  • 10:23:20

    Jack Lopresti MP (Filton and Bradley Stoke, Conservative)

  • 10:23:40

    Laura Pidcock MP (North West Durham, Labour)

  • 10:24:11

    Dan Carden MP (Liverpool, Walton, Labour)

  • 10:24:39

    Louise Haigh MP (Sheffield, Heeley, Labour)

  • 10:25:04

    Ellie Reeves MP (Lewisham West and Penge, Labour)

  • 10:26:07

    Stephanie Peacock MP (Barnsley East, Labour)

  • 10:26:27

    Robert Courts MP (Witney, Conservative)

  • 10:26:51

    Kwasi Kwarteng MP (Spelthorne, Conservative)

  • 10:27:18

    Kit Malthouse MP (North West Hampshire, Conservative)

  • 10:27:38

    Julian Smith MP (Skipton and Ripon, Conservative)

  • 10:28:04

    Zac Goldsmith MP (Richmond Park, Conservative)

  • 10:28:36

    Rachel Reeves MP (Leeds West, Labour)

  • 10:29:07

    Liz Twist MP (Blaydon, Labour)

  • 10:30:30

    Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods MP (City of Durham, Labour)

  • 10:31:06

    Mr Alan Mak MP (Havant, Conservative)

  • 10:31:39

    Rt Hon Tobias Ellwood MP (Bournemouth East, Conservative)

  • 10:32:06

    Simon Hart MP (Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, Conservative)

  • 10:34:01

    Chris Skidmore MP (Kingswood, Conservative)

  • 10:35:01

    Rory Stewart MP (Penrith and The Border, Conservative)

  • 10:36:14

    Chris Williamson MP (Derby North, Labour)

  • 10:37:38

    Leo Docherty MP (Aldershot, Conservative)

  • 10:38:15

    Bim Afolami MP (Hitchin and Harpenden, Conservative)

  • 10:41:10

    Emma Little Pengelly MP (Belfast South, Democratic Unionist Party)

  • 10:42:01

    Neil O'Brien MP (Harborough, Conservative)

  • 10:42:39

    Alex Burghart MP (Brentwood and Ongar, Conservative)

  • 10:43:24

    Jack Brereton MP (Stoke-on-Trent South, Conservative)

  • 10:43:52

    Mike Wood MP (Dudley South, Conservative)

  • 10:45:19

    Craig Mackinlay MP (South Thanet, Conservative)

  • 10:45:51

    Glyn Davies MP (Montgomeryshire, Conservative)

  • 10:47:40

    Rachel Maclean MP (Redditch, Conservative)

  • 10:48:20

    Vicky Ford MP (Chelmsford, Conservative)

  • 10:49:04

    Julia Dockerill MP (Hornchurch and Upminster, Conservative)

  • 10:49:41

    Mr Simon Clarke MP (Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, Conservative)

  • 10:50:05

    Gillian Keegan MP (Chichester, Conservative)

  • 10:50:46

    Lee Rowley MP (North East Derbyshire, Conservative)

  • 10:51:19

    Andrew Lewer MP (Northampton South, Conservative)

  • 10:51:55

    Alok Sharma MP (Reading West, Conservative)

  • 10:52:29

    Mr Robert Syms MP (Poole, Conservative)

  • 10:52:51

    Ruth Smeeth MP (Stoke-on-Trent North, Labour)

  • 10:53:40

    Wes Streeting MP (Ilford North, Labour)

  • 10:54:07

    Peter Kyle MP (Hove, Labour)

  • 10:54:32

    Gareth Snell MP (Stoke-on-Trent Central, Labour (Co-op))

  • 10:55:04

    Eddie Hughes MP (Walsall North, Conservative)

  • 10:55:40

    Conor McGinn MP (St Helens North, Labour)

  • 10:56:09

    Iain Stewart MP (Milton Keynes South, Conservative)

  • 10:56:41

    Tom Pursglove MP (Corby, Conservative)

  • 10:57:35

    Holly Lynch MP (Halifax, Labour)

  • 11:00:33

    Jonathan Reynolds MP (Stalybridge and Hyde, Labour (Co-op))

  • 11:01:49

    Trudy Harrison MP (Copeland, Conservative)

  • 11:02:21

    Giles Watling MP (Clacton, Conservative)

  • 11:02:45

    Damien Moore MP (Southport, Conservative)

  • 11:03:22

    Will Quince MP (Colchester, Conservative)

  • 11:29:57

    Joseph Johnson MP (Orpington, Conservative)

  • 11:30:23

    Amanda Milling MP (Cannock Chase, Conservative)

  • 11:30:49

    Mr Steve Baker MP (Wycombe, Conservative)

  • 11:31:12

    Mr Bob Seely MP (Isle of Wight, Conservative)

  • 11:31:47

    Mr Geoffrey Cox QC MP (Torridge and West Devon, Conservative)

  • 11:32:15

    Alex Chalk MP (Cheltenham, Conservative)

  • 11:32:52

    James Cleverly MP (Braintree, Conservative)

  • 11:33:35

    Seema Kennedy MP (South Ribble, Conservative)

  • 11:34:06

    Damian Collins MP (Folkestone and Hythe, Conservative)

  • 11:35:14

    Rt Hon Mike Penning MP (Hemel Hempstead, Conservative)

  • 11:35:43

    Stephen Morgan MP (Portsmouth South, Labour)

  • 11:37:35

    Nadhim Zahawi MP (Stratford-on-Avon, Conservative)

  • 11:47:31

    Kate Green MP (Stretford and Urmston, Labour)

  • 11:48:50

    John Penrose MP (Weston-super-Mare, Conservative)

  • 11:53:55

    Anna McMorrin MP (Cardiff North, Labour)

  • 11:55:27

    Preet Gill MP (Birmingham, Edgbaston, Labour (Co-op))

  • 11:59:18

    Dr Rupa Huq MP (Ealing Central and Acton, Labour)

  • 11:59:52

    Liz Kendall MP (Leicester West, Labour)

  • 12:03:53

    John Grogan MP (Keighley, Labour)

  • 12:04:27

    Lesley Laird MP (Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, Labour)

  • 12:04:57

    Gerard Killen MP (Rutherglen and Hamilton West, Labour (Co-op))

  • 12:05:26

    Martin Whitfield MP (East Lothian, Labour)

  • 12:05:52

    Danielle Rowley MP (Midlothian, Labour)

  • 12:06:20

    Hugh Gaffney MP (Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill, Labour)

  • 12:06:53

    Paul Sweeney MP (Glasgow North East, Labour (Co-op))

  • 12:07:26

    Ben Bradley MP (Mansfield, Conservative)

  • 12:07:54

    Ruth Cadbury MP (Brentford and Isleworth, Labour)

  • 12:08:21

    James Frith MP (Bury North, Labour)

  • 12:09:05

    Stella Creasy MP (Walthamstow, Labour (Co-op))

  • 12:11:10

    Matt Rodda MP (Reading East, Labour)

  • 12:12:34

    David Drew MP (Stroud, Labour (Co-op))

  • 12:15:23

    Jared O'Mara MP (Sheffield, Hallam, Labour)

  • 12:20:48

    Mr Steve Reed MP (Croydon North, Labour (Co-op))

  • 12:22:52

    Kemi Badenoch MP (Saffron Walden, Conservative)

  • 12:25:43

    Layla Moran MP (Oxford West and Abingdon, Liberal Democrat)

  • 12:29:25

    Daniel Kawczynski MP (Shrewsbury and Atcham, Conservative)

  • 12:29:58

    Carolyn Harris MP (Swansea East, Labour)

  • 12:31:51

    Owen Smith MP (Pontypridd, Labour)

  • 12:33:31

    Mr Peter Bone MP (Wellingborough, Conservative)

  • 12:35:23

    Jim Fitzpatrick MP (Poplar and Limehouse, Labour)

  • 12:37:41

    Karen Lee MP (Lincoln, Labour)

  • 12:39:08

    Suella Fernandes MP (Fareham, Conservative)

  • 14:00:19

    Swearing in of Members of the Commons

  • 14:00:25

    Mr Roger Godsiff MP (Birmingham, Hall Green, Labour)

  • 14:01:19

    Daniel Zeichner MP (Cambridge, Labour)

  • 14:01:47

    Henry Smith MP (Crawley, Conservative)

  • 14:01:50

    Teresa Pearce MP (Erith and Thamesmead, Labour)

  • 14:02:36

    Catherine West MP (Hornsey and Wood Green, Labour)

  • 14:03:00

    Dr Phillip Lee MP (Bracknell, Conservative)

  • 14:03:24

    Neil Coyle MP (Bermondsey and Old Southwark, Labour)

  • 14:06:15

    Gareth Thomas MP (Harrow West, Labour (Co-op))

  • 14:08:30

    Rt Hon Mel Stride MP (Central Devon, Conservative)

  • 14:15:35

    Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP (Welwyn Hatfield, Conservative)

  • 14:21:41

    Sarah Jones MP (Croydon Central, Labour)

  • 14:22:32

    Rt Hon Joan Ryan MP (Enfield North, Labour)

  • 14:23:15

    Mr Shailesh Vara MP (North West Cambridgeshire, Conservative)

  • 14:25:29

    George Freeman MP (Mid Norfolk, Conservative)

  • 14:27:39

    Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP (Sutton Coldfield, Conservative)

  • 14:31:02

    Luciana Berger MP (Liverpool, Wavertree, Labour (Co-op))

  • 14:31:43

    Andy Slaughter MP (Hammersmith, Labour)

  • 14:39:24

    Rosie Duffield MP (Canterbury, Labour)

  • 14:43:47

    Nusrat Ghani MP (Wealden, Conservative)

  • 14:47:51

    Heidi Allen MP (South Cambridgeshire, Conservative)

  • 14:53:24

    Chris Philp MP (Croydon South, Conservative)

  • 15:07:54

    Ms Karen Buck MP (Westminster North, Labour)

  • 15:09:10

    Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP (Brighton, Kemptown, Labour (Co-op))

  • 15:10:16

    Mr Nick Hurd MP (Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner, Conservative)